Diabetes-Logbook for Mobile Phones and Internet: Usability-Test starts in November


Physicians and patients suffering from diabetes are asked to give their opinion on usability and service of TeleDiabetes, the innovative diabetes logbook.


Bochum, Nov. 14th. 2006: The second hands-on usability-test of TeleDiabetes, the innovative software for diabetes management, is due to start in november. Users-to-be are asked to give their opinion on usability and contents. Physicians and patients suffering from diabetes are invited to apply on www.gedim.de.


"Who but our future users know better what the needs of diabetes patients really are. That's why their comments are crucial for our work", says Oliver Lowens, head of conception. "This diabetes logbook works on just about any current cellphone. It gives easy access to all relevant data and analyses for patients and doctors via internet."


Blood glucose levels, nutrition facts and supplementary information can easily be recorded via PC or cellphone. A messaging service can be used for questions and advises. Since the physician always sees the most recent data, he can give a qualified advice, no matter if the patient is next door or a few thousand kilometers away. That makes TeleDiabetes especially useful in the start-off period of an insuline-therapy or at times when adjustments are needed. Also, children can easily be assisted in managing their blood glucose levels.


"The results of the first test have shown, that quick recording without attracting attention is crucial for our users" says Dr. Martin H. Ludwig, Project Manager at GEDIM AG. "Because of that we have improved the data recording process. Now it only takes 3 clicks and you are done."



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