Telemedicine: Patient-Monitoring für Diabetics and Woundpatients


Renewed workflow and innovative features optimize workflow and time management.


Düsseldorf, MEDICA 2006: At this year's MEDICA trade fair, GEDIM AG will be presenting an improved operating procedure for TeleDiabetes and TeleBefund, the telemonitoring systems for diabetics and wound patients.


TeleDiabetes enables diabetics to manage their blood glucose levels via mobile phones and the internet, just for themselves or with the option of being monitored by their personal physician.


Readings and comments, as well as messages, can be exchanged just in time. The possibility of obtaining up-to-date readings at any time enables physicians to offer well-founded therapeutic advice to their patients. When it comes to determining the initial treatment strategy or optimizing the current therapy TeleDiabetes has proven to be particularly useful, as it ensures the close contact between doctor and patient without disrupting the patient's daily schedule.


To ensure ease of use, the procedure for entering data has been shortened, and been supplemented by the option of sending the data via text message.


The “WundSchnellDokumentation” WoundQuickDocumentation) for wound management reduces workflow to the optimum: Photos of the wounds are taken during wound dressing by the nursing staff on the ward and uploaded into the system.


The system automatically transfers the data to the right patient file and enables the wound manager to closely monitor the patient's healing process via personal computer, without creating additional workload.

TeleBefund also enables the recording of a complete anamnesis of the wound-healing process. This year GEDIM introduces the image-scaling option as additional feature, which enables a one-look-comparison of the wound size during the healing process.


TeleBefund also allows to connect outpatient nursing staff and to feed data via mobile devices or the internet directly in the patient's file. This facilitates patient transfers and ensures the complete integration of health care services.



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